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The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program!!!

McCap Cadets being being "shown the ropes."

Mission-The cadet program is one of the Civil Air Patrol's three basic missions. The cadet program's mission is the "development of dynamic young Americans and aerospace leaders."

What must one do to join?

Must be at least 12 years of age or in the 6th grade and no older than 18 years of age. Must maintain a C average in school. Must be a U.S. Citizen or legal resident. You must come to a meeting to get started!!!!!

Joining CAP will open a new world full of exciting activities like encampments, field training, airshows, emergency services training, parades, survival training, orientation rides, community service projects, and much, much more! What are you waiting for????


The cadet program has many aspects to it. However, they all can be grouped into three categories: support, training, and competition.

1.Support- Cadets perform important roles in the Emergency Services mission of the Civil Air Patrol. Most units maintain ground teams, which are mostly made up of cadets. Most wings hold an annual ground team competition both for training and competition purposes. Cadets usually handle the Communications at mission bases, during SAR (search and rescue) missions, as well.

2.Training- The educational opportunities for cadets abound in the Civil Air Patrol. Every summer there are dozens of different activities. These include Cadet Officer School (C.O.S.), Para-Rescueman Orientation Course (PJOC), International Air Cadet Exchange (I.A.C.E.), Encampments, and Air Education and Training Command (A.E.T.C) to name a few. Additionally, cadets are given training in ground team and related operations, communications, and disaster relief.

Another training aspect of the cadet program is orientation flying. Many squadrons have their own plane and are able to take cadets up quite often. In addition to the small plane orientations in the Civil Air Patrol, there are also opportunities to fly in larger military planes. If there is an AFB or an Air National Guard base near by, these units might arrange orientation rides in their planes as well.

3.Competitions- Each year a National Cadet Competition is held at CAP HQ, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. The NCC consists of seven events: standard drill (marching), innovative drill, mile run, volleyball, panel quiz (C.A.P. Jeopardy), and a 100 question written test. Each wing (state) sends a 15-man team to compete in it's Region's Cadet Competition. The winner of the region competition goes to national.


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