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The Outer Sailor Scouts

Sailor Uranus

From her physical appearance, Haruka is almost indistinguishable from a boy. But, by adding to this fact that she acts like a boy by driving around on her motorcycle compounds the confusion of those who don't know her particularly well. Also, Haruka prefers to wear the male school uniform. For many girls, Haruka appears to be a handsome boy. However, when the Inner Scouts get crushes on her, Haruka teases them plentifully, especially after they find out that she is really a girl. As Sailor Uranus, she takes a more serious turn. She is utterly devoted to her mission, and is willing to sacrifice her and her partner's life ( Although she cares for Michiru greatly ) if it would save the universe. She also possesses the first talisman; the Space Sword.

Sailor Neptune

Michiru's intellect is the greatest of her assets. Unlike her partner Haruka, Michiru considers the implications of her actions before going into action. She also has a very calm personality. She is very skilled at painting, swimming and playing her violin. As Sailor Neptune, she is also very serious, and like Haruka, willing to die for her cause. However, she doesn't want to see Haruka get hurt, and has often compromised her position to protect her partner. Sailor Neptune carries the second talisman; the Deep Aqua Mirror.

Sailor Pluto

She appears at the end of Sailor Moon R. Her powers are over the control of time. Setsuna likes to shroud herself in mystery. As the guardian of the passage of time, Setsuna is very isolated, and only likes to reveal herself in the most desperate situations, although as the series goes on we see more and more of her. Unlike the other scouts, Setsuna is much older (although her appearance is still as a young adult due to her existance in the passage of time). In Sailor Moon R Pluto is the one who helped Rini to go back in time to try and help her mother (Sailor Moon). As Sailor Pluto, she wields the Time Staff (it looks like a very long key). In her staff is the third talisman, the Garnet Orb.

Sailor SaturnHotaru is the only child of Professor Tomoe. She is a very shy and isolated person, who doesn't make friends easily. In her normal form, that is as Hotaru not Sailor saturn, she has the ability to cure wounds. This power has been her nemesis in the social scene, her classmates claiming that this odd ability of hers is unnatural and gross. This has led to her spending most of her time in her father's mansion. She also has a weak body. She can exhaust herself much quicker than any normal person, partly as a tradeoff to her ability to heal. As Sailor Saturn, she is not her normal, well spirited self. As the vessel for the entity known as Mistress Nine, her only goal is to destroy all life on Earth. She also wields the fearsome polearm known as the Silence Glaive. She can use the weapon to slice through anything that gets in her way. However, at the end of Sailor Moon S, she is exorcised by Sailor Moon and the evil influence of Mistress Nine is thus removed. Throughout Sailor Moon Super S, Hotaru is but a baby, reduced to this by her contribution by assisting Sailor Moon in saving the world in the climax of Sailor Moon S. It is only in Sailor Stars when Hotaru rediscovers her powers and grows back to her normal self. But this time, she fights for the cause of good along with the rest of the Scouts.


Rini's real name is actually Serena, but so you don't confuse the two she likes to be called called Rini. In Sailor Moon R (the second season in Japan), Rini goes back into the past to find the Silver Moon Crystal, to try and save Crystal Tokyo and her mother. In Sailor Moon S (the third season in Japan), Rini comes back to begin her training as the Sailor Scout of the future moon. She can be really annoying but deep down she really cares for the scouts, especially Serena.

Images from Nightfall Sailor Moon