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The Inner Sailor Scouts

Inner Senshi

Saior Moon. Serena Usagi Tsukino

Serena was born on the moon along time ago in a peaceful time once known as the "Silver Millenuim". She is the pricess of the moon. This means that she will one day be the Queen of the Silver Crystal. She was the leader of her court which include all of the inner Sailor Scouts. Her mother Queen of the universe was the ruler of the Moon and earth. Serena was to be a great noble on the moon. Sometimes she would sneak down to the Earth to see Prince Endymion who you probably know as Darien. He was prince of the earth and Serena's boyfriend.

Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury is the so-called "Brains Of The Sailor Scouts." When she first went to Crossroads Junior High many thought she was strange and weird because all she did was study. Even Luna thought she was strange and thought that she was from the Negaverse. Serena. She was the second of the Sailor Scouts to appear. Her and Serena get a long very well.

Sailor Mars .

She lives with her grandfather at the Cherry Hill Temple. She used to have a crush on Darien but now Serena got him because of "Destiny." It seems that She can't really get along with Serena, but actually she's very fond of her. Sailor Mars was the thrid Sailor Scout to appear.

Sailor Jupiter .

She is an expert at fighting, and loves to cook. Her parents died in a plane crash so now she must support herself. Sailor Jupiter was the forth Sailor Scout to appear.

Sailor Venus .

She was first the lone Sailor named Sailor V. But now She is guarded by the white cat Artemis. She joined the other scouts right after the fight right before Tuxedo Mask turned evil. Zoisite had dressed herself up like Sailor Moon, she had saved Tuxedo mask that time but it has seemed that he really needed her help because he had a very deep wound. she used Venus Power to transform into Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus as the final Sailor Scout to appear.