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The Villians of Sailor Moon
Queen Beryl

She was the main villian sending her generals to capture everyone's energy and trying to capture all the Rainbow Crystals. At the end of the first season Princess Serenity killed her in a memorable fight.


He was the first general of the Negaverse. He could not defeat the Sailor Scouts so Queen Beryl killed him.


He was the second general. He fell in love with Molly and was killed off by Zoisite's evil henchmens


She was the third general, because she tried to kill Tuxedo Mask and was unsuccessful she was killed by Queen Beryl.


He was Zoisites boyfriend, he set out to steal the Empirium Silver Crystal but was killed by Sailor Moon.

The Villians of Sailor Moon R

First Season

Ann & Alan

Two aliens that wanted to bring forth a lot of energy to their doom tree.

Sailor Moon R Villians

Second Season

Avery PrismaBirdy Catsy

The Dark Moon Sister: They were originally all good people but because of Rubeus's influence they became evil. They get healed by Sailor Moon after they each get defeated.


Originally he planned to trick the Dark Moon Sisters into taking over Crystal Tokyo through their evil, but because the Sailor Scouts managed to heal the sisters, Rubeus's plans failed. He was abandend by Wiseman and was let to die.


Wiseman is an evil Sorcerer from Earth's future. In order to conquer the Earth ( of his time ) he sends the leaders of the Nega-Moon family back in the past ( Sailor Moon's present! ) to destroy the future site of Crystal Tokyo. He also wants Renie to be captured along with the silver crystal.

Wicked Lady

When the Sailor Scouts journey into the future Rini is captured by the Wiseman. He infused Dark energy into her which caused her to grow and become evil. Wiseman used Wicked Lady to fight against her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, in a final attempt to destroy Crystal Tokyo. With Wicked Lady's Anger and Rage growing she becomes a powerful tool against the Scouts.


Emerald is sent by the Wiseman to continue where Rubeus left off (this of course happened after Rubeus failed!). Her mission is to convert the crystal points of the Earth into Dark points by gathering vast amounts of Evil energy. Along with her mission, she wishes to win the love of Prince Diamond who is to become the Ruler of the newly conquered planet.


Sapphire is Prince Diamond's brother and assists Prince Diamond in trying to conquer the Earth. He overhears the Wiseman's plan to betray the nega-moon family and tries to warn Diamond that the whole plan was the Wiseman's and that the Four sisters have now found places on the Earth and will not Conquer it. Before he has a chance to convince Diamond to stop the attack on Earth, the Wiseman strikes him down.

Prince Diamond

Prince Diamond is the ruler of the people of the nega-moon. He believes that with the wiseman's help he can destroy all humans living on earth and keep the planet for himself. His major weakness lies in Neo-Queen Serenity however, as he wishes to take her hand in marriage and have her rule the Nega-moon by his side.