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My name is Anthony Carrales.

This is my webpage! Dedicated to the Anime I really like!!!!!
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Other Charactors, Luna, Artemis, ect.

The Other Charactors of Sailor Moon

Cartoon Network

Dodge Trucks.

Dodge Trucks

This Sailor Moon Universe Web Ring site owned by Anthony Carrales.
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This Crystal Points Webring site owned by Anthony Carrales.
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Starting June 13th, The Cartoon Network will begin airing Sailor Moon S and Super S.

Episode List
Sailor Moon Episode List

Inner Sailor Scouts

The Inner Sailor Scouts

Outer Sailor Scouts

The Outer Sailor Scouts


The Villians of Sailor Moon

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some of my favorite pic form The Transformers

War of the World

The War of the Worlds


Group III/ Texas Wing Page:
: Premont High School Class of 1999 by Jignesh Patel :
: A close friend's site Created by Lord Pini

One of my favorite sites.

Proud Supporter Of Sailor Moon Universe!
Battle of the Wild by Joe D. Soliz:
Visit the Sailor Moon Page of Funk!

Visit the Sailor V Page of Funk!

Heart Crystals : Neptune-San's Page. Its a must see!

Sailor Nebula's Sailor Universe. A great page, with great graphics, and great everything! Its a must see!


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